Like our membership, our organizing committee represents a wide range of disciplines and levels of experience with qualitative health research.

Dan Nagel, Co-Lead (Operations Planning)

Dan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences at University New Brunswick Saint John with a 20+ year background in community health and community development. He has expertise in using both grounded theory and descriptive qualitative research designs, and continues to expand his background in qualitative methods and the philosophical foundations to knowledge development through research. 

Dan has research interests in community health, vulnerable populations, interprofessional education opportunities, nursing education and curriculum development. 

Shelley Doucet, Co-Lead (Strategic Planning)

Shelley is the Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care, an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, and an Adjunct Professor with Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Shelley’s program of research is focused on the development and evaluation of interprofessional practice initiatives in community based primary health care settings. Her team develops programs that address the barriers and gaps in services identified through research, with the goal to promote collaborative patient-centered care that is accessible and meets patients’ needs. Shelley’s primary research expertise is with qualitative description; however, she uses a multi-method community-based research approach, which involves intersectoral partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, such as health professionals, economists, patients, regulatory bodies, community members, and government.

Dana Manzer, Governance

Dana is a Lecturer with the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences at UNB, and a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary studies. She considers herself a novice researcher with some experience in qualitative description, mixed methods and program evaluation, and a particular research focus on vulnerable and marginalized groups. Having recently completed Johanna Briggs Institute training, Dana is also interested in systematic reviews to promote evidence-informed nursing and health care practices.

Lisa Keeping-Burke, Evaluation

Lisa is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Health Research in the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences at UNB Saint John, and an Adjunct Professor with Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. With 30+ years of healthcare experience as a nurse, educator, and researcher, Lisa uses qualitative, quantitative and systematic review methodologies to explore chronic disease management for patients and families. She is certified as a Trainer for the Joanna Briggs Institute Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program with the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2013, Lisa has also been the National Research Director for the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN). 

Alison Luke, Event Planning

Dr. Alison Luke is the Crawford/Jarislowsky Post Doctoral Fellow in Health Policy under the supervision of Dr. Shelley Doucet in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences at UNB Saint John. Alison completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of Waterloo in 2010. Since that time she has worked and taught in the areas of sociology of health and interpersonal relations. Alison has a background in sociology with specializations in the social determinants of health, access to healthcare, social inequality, and research methods.

Natasha Hanson, Event Planning

Biography coming soon!

Kerrie Luck, Learners' Representative

Kerrie is a PhD Candidate in interdisciplinary studies at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John), a registered Occupational Therapist and a Certified Tobacco Educator. She has experience in using interpretive phenomenological Analysis (IPA) and Qualitative Description, as well as program evaluation. Kerrie’s research interests include tobacco control, interprofessional collaboration, chronic disease management and health promotion. 

Duyen Nguyen, Community Outreach

Duyen began working for the Human Development Council as the Project Manager of the Saint John Local Immigration Partnership (SJLIP) since it was established in June 2017. She was recently awarded a 2-year Health System Impact Post-Doctoral Fellowship from CIHR (co-funded by NBHRF). As part of this fellowship, starting in September Duyen continued her role and responsibilities as Project Manager for the SJLIP, and she will also embark on publications and professional development training. Duyen earned her PhD in Community Health Sciences from the University of Calgary, specializing in Population and Public Health, and has a MSc in Developmental Psychology from Memorial University, and a BA from Saint Mary’s University.

Bryn Robinson, Marketing and PR

Bryn is a Clinical Research Manager with Horizon Health Network, as a member of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (part of CIHR's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research). She has familiarity in a mixed methods approach, incorporating phenomenological analyses in her PhD research on emerging adults' parental relationships and mental health. Bryn hopes QUEST-SJ can help to expand her qualitative skills in order to better serve the health research community.